Life Goals

Dreams give you a  real life. Goals show the path. Achieve them to fulfill your dreams. The below are just till 2020; don’t worry I may still be alive after that, will have a fresh list then.

  1. Deliver 10 applications at Fortune 500 companies. [3/10]
  2. Engineer a useful mobile application used by over 100 people (>100 downloads).
  3. Solve 5 real world problems with software applications.

  1. Teach school kids for 5 years. [2/5]
  2. Mentor 10 Junior Engineers.[2/10]

Movie Lover
  1. Dedicate a website for clean, non-biased movie reviews.
  2. Produce a short film.
  3. Write & Direct a short film.
  4. Produce a feature film.
  5. Develop a platform for freshers in the movie industry.

  1. Scenery at Yosemite National Park.
  2. Sunrise at the Taj Mahal.
  3. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
  4. An evening in Paris.
  5. Attend carnival at Rio de Janeiro.
  6. Helicopter ride at Grand Canyon.